SME Billboard

SME Billboard is an initiative aimed at boosting the brand image & performance for SMEs. 

The purpose of SME Billboard is to help SMEs reach the customer audience that’s traditionally been unaffordable to them.This initiative will help SMEs have access to a new and bigger audience enhancing growth and improved income.

Further more, it is a platform where SMEs can expose themselves to the customer, funders, mentors and their peers for information and knowledge exchange. We also campaign for SMEs to be "adopted" by the big corporates where they can be offered free access to infrastructure; get financial assistance (once-off or recuring), to fund thier operations; and consultation services from the initiative's partnering corporates. This initiative could also be used as a gateway to access various government programmes aimed at facilitating the growth of these SMEs.

The growth and improved perfomance of SMEs will result in the need to hire more personnel thereby creating the much needed jobs and a significant contribution to the growth of the economy.

The BANKSETA states that, SMEs are estimated to bear about 60% of the South African labour force. Therefore, the government is focusing on stimulating the formation and growth of more of these small and medium sized firms with the goal of creating more jobs and a positive contribution to the growth of the economy.

Reecko Xplorations (Pty) Ltd, designed SME BILLBOARD to be used as one of the platforms aimed at making this dream realisable for all the participating and beneficiary parties.